How My Move In Texas Went

Moving is a stressful experience on its own, throwing in fragile items that can easily break can just make matters worse, especially if you are not
well-versed in proper packing techniques. Whether you are moving yourself
or hiring professionals, it’s crucial that you do everything in your power to
avoid damaging some of your more delicate items. Let’s take a look at how
to protect some of the most commonly damaged items while moving so that
you can make your moving experience as stress-free as possible.

Collectibles and Antiques
Antiques and collectibles can be some of the most precious items in your
possession and so must be packed extremely carefully. It’s recommended
that you double layer them using sturdy paper, as well as bubble wrap.
When securing the collectibles or antiques with packing tape, it’s best not
to make direct contact with the item being wrapped. This is a common
packing mistake that can lead to ruining the finish or veneer on a piece.

Corrugated Boxes Are Your Best Friend
Ensure that you use clean, new cartons that are designed specifically for
moving. Keep in mind that getting boxes from liquor or grocery stores might
mean that they’re not clean and may also not withstand as much weight as
they’ve been previously used. Moreover, their mismatched sizes may prove
difficult to load. Instead, use new boxes that are large enough to have room
for your items, as well as cushioning materials. Ensure that you also find
boxes that are strong enough to hold its contents. Never stuff boxes or
exceed the maximum weight, as this is a sure way to damage your goods.

Packing Up Picture Frames
Another commonly damaged item caused by poor packing is picture
frames. It’s recommended that you take the photographs out of the frames
and move them separately, as frames can easily be replaced, damaged
photos often cannot. Shattered glass easily ruins a picture if a frame
becomes damaged during the moving process. Make sure that you
carefully wrap each frame with bubble wrap. Although it may take you
longer, it is well worth the effort.

Use Strong Tape to Secure Boxes
Properly closing your packages is as important as using cushioning
materials. To ensure that your boxes are secured, make sure that you
utilize strong, professional packing tape that is at least two inches wide.
Use a brown or clear tape, as masking tape typically is not strong enough
to withhold weight. Tape up all cartons on both the bottom and top.

Don’t Over Pack Your Book Box
Books are much heavier than their appearance, especially when multiplied.
Ensure that you alternate the books so that you switch between putting
them spine down and page down, as many books are wider towards their
binding, which causes them to become damaged easily if you put all of
them in the same way. If you have any fragile books, then it’s best to wrap
them individually in dust jackets before placing them in a box. For your
convenience, it’s also best to box them in the sequence that you’ll want
them re-shelved.

Protecting Your Dishware
Damaged dishware usually is caused by improper packing. A good rule of
thumb is always to use more cushioning material than you think you’d
actually need. Moreover, utilize heavy-duty tape and boxes. For flat china
and plates, start with the larger items and put the smaller ones closer to the
top. Use a mid-sized carton or a box specifically designed for dish packing
and line it with crumpled newspaper. Wrap each plate with clean
newspaper by first placing a stack on a table and centering every plate on
the paper. Additionally, once you’ve wrapped the plates in several sheets,
make sure to secure it with packing tape. When placing them in the box, it
is best to put them standing on an edge instead of flat.

Why Texas Is Great For Entrepreneurs

Texas has been named as one of the most entrepreneurial states in the United States and one of the best places for young entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for the best place to start out especially as a young entrepreneur in the United States, I’ll recommend that you pack your things and move to Texas because Texas has one of the most business friendly terrains in the United States of America.

Friendly business rules and regulations
For your business to thrive in any state the government must be your friend and this is exactly what happens in Texas. Rather than impose strict rules on entrepreneurs that end up stifling their businesses, the government in Texas encourages entrepreneurs by sticking with regulatory requirements that are easy to follow and meet up with.

Low taxes
Corporate taxes in Texas are very low compared to other states in the United States. Texas has zero corporate income tax or individual tax and this is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs flock to Texas because they are able to save a lot of money which would rather have been spent on taxes.

Access to funding
There are a lot of state-sponsored as well as private-sponsored businesses funding options for entrepreneurs. A lot of financial institutions and private lenders offer access to business loans with low interest rates for entrepreneurs. Texas also has a good number of angel investors who invest in brilliant start-up projects.

Easy networking
Texans are known to be very friendly and accommodating people so it’s easy to network and meet with people of like minds who can share ideas with you and support you to improve your business.

Hardworking people
You would also have access to dedicated and hardworking employees in Texas. The quality of people you employ to manage your business matters because it could determine the success of your business or otherwise. In Texas, you would find a lot of hardworking people that can help to support your dreams and build your business.

Texas is not cheap but most definitely affordable when compared to some other states in the United States. This makes the cost of running a business in Texas cheap which also translates to more business profits at the end of the day.

Texas is also a growing technology hub with lots of business opportunities in the technological sector. Young entrepreneurs would definitely have access to a lot of opportunities and fun doing business in Texas.

Why I Take All My First Dates on Hikes

Taking your first date on a hike? Wow! You’re such a Loser…… Okay, calm down, let me explain. I’m an unashamed outdoorsy man but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to spoil my woman or go to extra lengths to make a first date awesome. But I have since discovered that taking my dates on a hike has proven to be a creative and fun way of exploring new relationship potentials.

And do my dates like it? Yes! 98% of my dates are always open to the idea and the new experience of substituting fine dining for hiking trips. A few reasons why I love to take my first dates on a hike include;

It creates a memorable experience
I love to be different from all the other dates she’s had in the past. If I decide to take her to a restaurant or the movies, there are chances that she’s been there in the past. That’s not exciting enough for me so I choose to take her on a killer hiking trip where we can make some lifetime memories. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least she’s not forgetting the experience anytime soon.

I get to spend less and save time
Hiking is free and requires very little planning so I get to save a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been spent on the best way to impress my date.

I get to introduce her to my world
I love the outdoorsy lifestyle and it’s always great to find someone who shares my love for the outdoors. By taking her hiking on the first date, I am able to introduce her and if possible, make her fall in love with my world too.

Takes off the awkwardness
You would agree with me that first dates can be pretty awkward, especially when it’s a blind date. Sitting across the table, not knowing what to say, trying to guess what your date’s perception of you is. All of these are pressures you don’t have to deal with on a hike as there are just too many conversation starters, fun things to do and distractions to effortlessly make it a great date.

Hiking trips make for very good first dates but you should never plan it as a surprise. Ensure that your date is aware and down with the plan to avoid unpleasant surprises and awkwardness.

Why I Stopped Taking out Loans

We all take out loans for various reasons; sometimes to fund business ideas and sometimes to take care of urgent expenses when cash is not readily available. Loans might seem like a very great savior every now and then but that loan might be doing you more harm than good. Personally, I stopped taking out loans several years ago and you should too. Here is why;

You have to pay back!
It’s high time people stopped seeing loans and credit cards as free money. It’s not free money; you have to pay it back and most of the time, with a lot of interest. Most times, the costs of taking a loan usually exceed the benefits in the long run. If you are unable to pay back on schedule, you would have to start dealing with accumulated interests, bad credit scores and probably debt collectors ringing your phone incessantly.

As for me, I would always choose proper budgeting and resources management over taking out a loan at any point in time. If I can’t afford it, then I can’t have it.

Loans are avoidable
Yes, you can avoid loans and credit card debts simply by having a working personal budget. That way, you would discover that you would end up having surplus money rather than debts. Every month, I put a pen to pay and I divide my monthly earnings amongst my various financial needs and obligations. Since I started doing that, I’ve not had cause to take out loans because I always make provisions for what I need and any emergencies.

Loans are addictive
There are people who take out payday loans every month just because they have access to it. For such people, it has become more of a habit and they see no reason why they should wait for their paychecks when they can easily grab a loan from a payday lender.
Such lifestyles usually leads to a lifetime of debts because of course, they have to repay with interests and a huge bulk of money which they would have invested or saved for other reasonable things is spent servicing debts.

Not all loans are bad; there are some loans that are good such as business loans, mortgage loans and sometimes, student loans. Before you take out any loan however, you should weigh the long term benefits alongside the costs and carefully decide if it’s the best option for you at the time because sometimes, all loans do for you is to drag you backwards.

Top Careers in Texas

Texans are generally known to be hardworking and highly educated people. Texas also offers a lot of great opportunities for career growth and advancement.
According to the Texas Workforce Commission, these are the top careers in Texas in terms of compensation, job availability, opportunities for career advancement and job satisfaction.

Pharmacists are highly paid in Texas with an average annual salary of about $116,790. Apart from the high earnings, they also enjoy some off-time and vacation time. However the job has some not-so-attractive sides as most of them have to work really hard, especially on weekends, holidays and sometimes at night. To become a pharmacist in Texas, you must be a college graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy. You would also be required to pass a series of qualifying tests and examinations.

Health specialties teachers
These are post-secondary teachers who teach courses in health specialties such as pharmacy, medicine, public health, dentistry and others. These groups of professionals are highly paid in Texas with an average annual salary of about $126, 360.

Computer software engineers
Another group of highly paid professionals in Texas are computer software engineers. They are responsible for researching, developing, designing and testing operating system-level software and network distribution software for several industries. They also perform general computing applications and earn an average of $99, 150 a year.

Industrial engineers
Industrial Engineers in Texas earn an average of $99,830 per month. Their job specifications include designing, developing, testing, and evaluation of integrated systems which are used for managing industrial production processes.

To become an Industrial engineer in Texas, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and sometimes, you would be required to undertake some training and continuing education courses in order to keep up with recent trends and innovations in the technology industry.

Medical and health services managers
Medical health services managers are responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and controlling medical and health services in clinics, hospitals, managed care organizations, public agencies, or other such organizations.

The average annual earnings of a medical and health services manager in Texas is about $90,000 a month however, they are required to work long hours and sometimes on-call to deal with problems and challenges.

Physical therapists are also highly paid in Texas and earn an average of $89,760 monthly according to 2015 statistics. Physical therapists help to organize rehabilitative programs to improve pain or disabilities from injuries and accidents.

Hiking for a Debt Free Future

“Hiking is good for your health,” everyone says. But I reply to them saying “Hiking is not just good for my health, it’s good for my pocket too”

If you are working towards living a debt free life in the future just like me, then you should consider incorporating hiking into your lifestyle. Hiking contributes towards your living a debt free future because it;

Improves your health
Medical costs in the United States can be very high and even if you’ve got health insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses can still set you back several dollars every time you get sick. You would agree with me that constant illness and poor health is most of the time traced to living a life devoid of adequate physical activity and poor physical fitness.

Personally, I discovered that since I started hiking, my trips to the hospital have reduced and my monthly budget on medical expenses is most of the time useless. So what I do is to add the excess to my savings, which of course ends up in my investment account. More investments means a stable future for me.

Reduces your cost of socializing
Costs of socializing can be very high if happy hours for you mean hitting the club, expensive dinners or indulging in some other expensive hobbies. As for me, most of my friends are outdoorsy people just like me so we spend very little on socializing as nature provides almost everything we need to enjoy a good time out. I’m very certain that I save more than a hundred dollars every month which would have been spent on expensive socializing.

Better creativity
A great financial future devoid of debts comes from hard work and smart financial decisions. Hiking trips are always a good time for me to think, plan and strategize. I’ve discovered that I always come up with the best solution to challenges and the best plans when I’m taking a hike. Hiking helps me make better decisions and plans, which help improve my financial status and my credit status.

Less vehicle maintenance costs
I only use my vehicle when I have to go a long distance or on winter periods when it’s too cold and unsafe to hike often. This way, I’m able to save a lot on gas and vehicle maintenance. Less vehicle usage means less vehicle maintenance costs and low vehicle maintenance costs for me means more savings, less credit and a lot of excess money to invest.

You would be amazed at the caliber of people I have been able to meet and network with on my hiking trips. A lot of high net worth people and important personalities enjoy hiking and on my trips, I have been able to meet some of them, pitch ideas to them, market items to them and have some of them as friends.

I was once invited to a black tie event by a VIP I met on a hiking trip and in that event, I was lucky enough to be introduced to another VIP who amazingly had a business link I had been looking for for years. That single meeting increased my account balance and contributed to my strong financial future in no small way.

Tips for Dealing with the Heat

Summer usually comes with some uncomfortable temperatures; temperatures that we are mostly not used to. These high temperatures are not only uncomfortable, they could also be dangerous. Excess heat could lead to a lot health related problems especially for the obese and the aged.

Our bodies are built to regulate temperature and cool down when we sweat but when there is too much heat, the body loses its ability to regulate temperature and this results in what is known as heat exhaustion with symptoms like dizziness, heavy sweating, tiredness, paleness and nausea amongst others.

However, you can deal with extreme heat and avoid heat exhaustion by taking the following steps:

Stay hydrated
Try drinking a lot of cold fluids as a way to regulate your body temperature. Stay away from alcohol, caffeinated drinks and any other drinks that may dehydrate you but instead, drink a lot of water, fruit juice and other healthy drinks.

Eat spicy foods
Spicy foods are able to help cool down your body temperature because they cause you to sweat thereby cooling off your body. During hot summer days, it always helps to spice up your foods with spicy ingredients that would add both heat and flavor to your meals like Chili, Cayenne, Aleppo pepper and several others.

Store your skin care products in your refrigerator
You can turn your regular skin care products to cooling objects by storing them in your refrigerator. Your body cream, eye creams, perfumes and sunscreens can be stored in your refrigerator so that when you use them, they can cool down your body and help to regulate your body temperature.

Use cool compresses
You can use a cool cloth or some ice packs as a cool compress. Apply them on your wrists or other pulse points in your body to cool down your blood by creating an icy shock to your body. A good alternative is to soak your wrists in cold water for about thirty minutes to achieve the same results.

Wear lightweight clothing
Ensure that your wardrobe is stocked with very light clothing items. Avoid heavy or dark colored clothing as much as you can as they are good heat conductors. You can save those for winter.

Lastly, ensure that your air conditioning is in order as a good air-conditioning system can help to reduce chances of suffering from heat related illnesses.

How Insurance Differs From State To State

I have moved and visited different states and one thing that I have almost missed is having car insurance for the state I visit. If you are moving to another state, you want to make sure that you are covered. Many people will ask: do I need to have new car insurance when I relocate to another state? The answer to this question is almost always, yes! However, there is a major caveat you want to be aware of and that’s; do not cancel your old insurance policy before you have obtained a new one.

Having a new car insurance
The grace period for obtaining new car insurance when you relocate or visit a new state is about 30 to 90 days. This is the time you are supposed to have registered your vehicle. You can use those months to obtain new insurance for your car. Hence, you should not cancel your old insurance before moving and setting up a new one. Don’t drive across state lines without having car insurance.

Your insurance will depend on your period of stay
People will visit other states for different reasons. Some may be there for a week, others for months, and some people may stay for years. If you will be there for weeks, you may want to find out what is best for you when you drive across.

You may have to update your current policy to meet the requirement of the state you will be visiting. For those who will be staying for some time, they may want to find the options that are suitable. You may have your current insurer serving in the state you’re visiting, but they may not be the right choice when you’re there.

Different states have different insurance requirements
You may find that if you are a motorist in California, you will be required to have up to $15,000 for each person injured or $30,000 for entire accident, and $5,000 for property damage. When you decide to move to Florida, you will need up to $10,000 insurance for each person or $20,000 for an accident and $10,000 for property damage. These changes can impede on your finances and you would want to ensure that you make a wise decision.

The best thing you would want to do is to talk to your insurer to find out the option available when you visit or move to another state. You may want to top up for the difference in insurance coverage when you are in that state. This way, you ensure that you are covered. The worst that can happen to you is to be pulled off the road only for the cops to find that you have no insurance for that state. This can attract hefty fines and you could end up in jail.

The Cowboy’s Code of Money

For centuries, the cowboys have always had a set of codes that guide the way and manner they live their lives, treat people around them and even their animals.
These set of codes are known as the Cowboy Codes were not written but they were guidelines imprinted on the minds of every cowboy and not abiding by them could attract punishments. Some of these codes include:

  • Never steal another man’s horse or you have to pay with your life.
  • Look out for your own.
  • Do not ride another man’s horse. That’s like making love to another man’s wife.
  • Do not practice ingratitude.
  • A cowboy never quits or complains. A cowboy is always pleasant even when out of sorts.
  • A cowboy always helps someone in need, even if it is a stranger.
  • A cowboy never tries on another man’s hat.
  • A real cowboy is modest, bragging is not tolerated.
  • Honesty is absolute; your word is your bond.
  • A cowboy is always loyal to his friends and those he rides with.
  • A cowboy always pays his debts.

These codes may only relate to the cowboys and their horses but everyone has something to learn from these codes as well especially when it comes to money and financial issues.

From these codes we can see that cowboys practice:

Cowboys believe in honesty and integrity and most especially, not taking anything that doesn’t belong to them. A cowboy doesn’t believe in taking money through dishonest means or sharp practices but rather, through hard work and perseverance.

Like a true cowboy, don’t overprice your goods or services and don’t con other people out of their money. In all your financial dealings, be honest and trustworthy.

Cowboys are considerate of others. They care about how their actions may affect the lives of the people around them. Like a cowboy, don’t go about making your money in ways or from things that would bring degradation to your environment or cause harm or unhappiness to the people around you. Don’t be selfish or self-centered.

Hard work
Cowboys are some of the most hardworking people to have ever walked the surface of the earth and for their hard work; they have gained popularity and respect throughout the world.

Be like a cowboy; don’t expect your finances to change if you are not ready to work hard for it. Success comes from hard work and not from wishes.

No, a cowboy never quits. In fact, cowboys hate quitters. A cowboy would continue to pursue his goal or die while at it. That’s the kind of spirit that would get you where you want to be in no time. Don’t quit at the slightest financial challenge you get into instead, strive hard to get out of it so that you can enjoy better days ahead.

Pay debts
Bad credit record is not a nice thing to have; it messes up everything. Like the cowboy, pay off your debts and be credit worthy because you never know when you would need that big loan to finance that very viable project like a home.

Practice gratitude
Be grateful for the little you’ve got while you work harder to get more. Don’t compare yourself to others as there are others out there who do not even have half of what you’ve got.

Last and not least, you ought to be modest. Don’t spend your money on frivolities but on things that truly matter to you and would bring you happiness. Don’t spend your money to impress other people too and ensure that you save as much as you can for the rainy day.

Why I Chase Happiness and Not Success

Right from when we were just little boys and girls, most of us have had it imprinted on our minds that our primary goal in life is to be successful. Everything we were made to do was somehow connected to the need to be successful in life.

“Daddy, why do I need to go to school?”
“So, you can learn and become a successful young man in life” Dads would say.
“Mom, why do we need to go to church?”
“Because you need God’s help to be successful in life” Moms would say.

Everything was somehow linked to the need for success and no one seemed to give much thought about happiness.

But as I grew up, I came to learn and understand that happiness is the most important thing a man can have. If you’re successful and not happy, all of that success may amount to nothing at the end of the day. So I decided to stop chasing success but to start seeking happiness and here are some reasons why you should as well:

You can still be unhappy even if you have the whole world
Happiness is a state of mind and it’s possible to be happy if you’ve got nothing at all. The same way it is possible to be unhappy even if you have everything in the world.
From my experience, I have learned that keeping oneself happy and striving to make the people around us happy is much more fulfilling than chasing after success.

Happiness breeds satisfaction and motivation
When you’re happy, it’s easier to be satisfied and look forward to great things in the future. Happiness helps you avoid feelings of depression and failure and can even act as a motivational force to keep you going even when everything seems to not be working out well for you.

Successful people chase after happiness too
If success mattered more than happiness, then why do we have all these successful people still chasing after success and trying to buy it with their money? They go on vacations, go on expensive shopping sprees, pay for company and do all sorts of things to make themselves happy. That only goes to show that happiness is way more important than success.

Happiness helps you live longer
When you’ve finally found the things that make you happy and you stick to them, you would be able to avoid depression and all the diseases that come with it such as high blood pressure, mental diseases, obesity and several others.

Happiness is cheap and easy to attain
Happiness is easy to attain as long as you are able to discover the things that make you happy and you continue to do them, you would be happy for a very long time unlike success where you have to continue to reach for a new level all the time.

Now, I’m not saying chasing after success is bad. It’s actually very important to be successful in life as that would also bring happiness too. But in your pursuit of success, it’s always good to ensure that your happiness comes first.