Why I Take All My First Dates on Hikes

Taking your first date on a hike? Wow! You’re such a Loser…… Okay, calm down, let me explain. I’m an unashamed outdoorsy man but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to spoil my woman or go to extra lengths to make a first date awesome. But I have since discovered that taking my dates on a hike has proven to be a creative and fun way of exploring new relationship potentials.

And do my dates like it? Yes! 98% of my dates are always open to the idea and the new experience of substituting fine dining for hiking trips. A few reasons why I love to take my first dates on a hike include;

It creates a memorable experience
I love to be different from all the other dates she’s had in the past. If I decide to take her to a restaurant or the movies, there are chances that she’s been there in the past. That’s not exciting enough for me so I choose to take her on a killer hiking trip where we can make some lifetime memories. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least she’s not forgetting the experience anytime soon.

I get to spend less and save time
Hiking is free and requires very little planning so I get to save a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been spent on the best way to impress my date.

I get to introduce her to my world
I love the outdoorsy lifestyle and it’s always great to find someone who shares my love for the outdoors. By taking her hiking on the first date, I am able to introduce her and if possible, make her fall in love with my world too.

Takes off the awkwardness
You would agree with me that first dates can be pretty awkward, especially when it’s a blind date. Sitting across the table, not knowing what to say, trying to guess what your date’s perception of you is. All of these are pressures you don’t have to deal with on a hike as there are just too many conversation starters, fun things to do and distractions to effortlessly make it a great date.

Hiking trips make for very good first dates but you should never plan it as a surprise. Ensure that your date is aware and down with the plan to avoid unpleasant surprises and awkwardness.