What Season Does Lice Get Bad?

Many curious parents wonder in what season do lice cause the most trouble. Is there a season for lice? The answer is that while lice may prefer warmer temperatures, most cases of head lice are not recorded in the summer, but rather during the fall months of September, October and November. The reason has less to do with the weather and more to do with heading back to school. School is where children come into close contact with each other, transmitting the parasite to one another during at recess or in the classroom. Many parents are driven crazy as some have multiple children stay home during just one lice season. Like with any parasite or disease, your best weapon against lice is information. Here are five things you should know about how lice get around:

Cleanliness is not the issue – Many people tend to associate lice with things like dirt, mud, and other environments we consider to be lacking hygiene. However, the truth is that lice have almost nothing to do with dirt or hygiene. Rather, it is related almost solely to contact. So if your child does get lice, don’t worry about their hygienic habits. Instead, understand that at school children will naturally share a close environment full of opportunities to share things. This is why there are over 10 million cases of children with head lice each year.

Sharing – Children should be encouraged to share, and they tend to do it a lot at school. When it comes to lice, be sure to warn your child about sharing towels, hats, sports equipment, and other items that come into contact with hair. If your child does contract lice, tell them to be a bit selfish with their belongings until they are free of the parasite.

Symptoms – Spotting the symptoms early in your child are the best way to prevent other parents from experiencing the same trouble. Itching is the most obvious symptom, this includes behind the ears, scalp, and the back of the neck. If you suspect it, look at your child’s scalp under a bright light and you’ll see the brownish bugs moving about.

Lice services – If you are worried about the idea of using harsh chemicals on your child’s hair, you may have researched some alternative methods. However, studies show that the old mayonnaise-smothering trick doesn’t actually work well. Rather than fuss around with a fine-tooth comb, if you’re near Las Vegas try calling a lice removal service . They’ll exterminate the creatures in the shortest period of time, and show you how to prevent an infestation at the same time.

Treating lice – So what now? There are many options on how to treat lice, these include medicated shampoos that contain a chemical called permethrin that has a good chance of wiping out the bugs. However, a second treatment may be needed. In the meantime, be sure to wash out any clothing, bath towels and bed sheets that your child has come into contact with in hot water. For good measure, do the same for any sheets in the house.