Top Careers in Texas

Texans are generally known to be hardworking and highly educated people. Texas also offers a lot of great opportunities for career growth and advancement.
According to the Texas Workforce Commission, these are the top careers in Texas in terms of compensation, job availability, opportunities for career advancement and job satisfaction.

Pharmacists are highly paid in Texas with an average annual salary of about $116,790. Apart from the high earnings, they also enjoy some off-time and vacation time. However the job has some not-so-attractive sides as most of them have to work really hard, especially on weekends, holidays and sometimes at night. To become a pharmacist in Texas, you must be a college graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy. You would also be required to pass a series of qualifying tests and examinations.

Health specialties teachers
These are post-secondary teachers who teach courses in health specialties such as pharmacy, medicine, public health, dentistry and others. These groups of professionals are highly paid in Texas with an average annual salary of about $126, 360.

Computer software engineers
Another group of highly paid professionals in Texas are computer software engineers. They are responsible for researching, developing, designing and testing operating system-level software and network distribution software for several industries. They also perform general computing applications and earn an average of $99, 150 a year.

Industrial engineers
Industrial Engineers in Texas earn an average of $99,830 per month. Their job specifications include designing, developing, testing, and evaluation of integrated systems which are used for managing industrial production processes.

To become an Industrial engineer in Texas, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and sometimes, you would be required to undertake some training and continuing education courses in order to keep up with recent trends and innovations in the technology industry.

Medical and health services managers
Medical health services managers are responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and controlling medical and health services in clinics, hospitals, managed care organizations, public agencies, or other such organizations.

The average annual earnings of a medical and health services manager in Texas is about $90,000 a month however, they are required to work long hours and sometimes on-call to deal with problems and challenges.

Physical therapists are also highly paid in Texas and earn an average of $89,760 monthly according to 2015 statistics. Physical therapists help to organize rehabilitative programs to improve pain or disabilities from injuries and accidents.