Tips for Dealing with the Heat

Summer usually comes with some uncomfortable temperatures; temperatures that we are mostly not used to. These high temperatures are not only uncomfortable, they could also be dangerous. Excess heat could lead to a lot health related problems especially for the obese and the aged.

Our bodies are built to regulate temperature and cool down when we sweat but when there is too much heat, the body loses its ability to regulate temperature and this results in what is known as heat exhaustion with symptoms like dizziness, heavy sweating, tiredness, paleness and nausea amongst others.

However, you can deal with extreme heat and avoid heat exhaustion by taking the following steps:

Stay hydrated
Try drinking a lot of cold fluids as a way to regulate your body temperature. Stay away from alcohol, caffeinated drinks and any other drinks that may dehydrate you but instead, drink a lot of water, fruit juice and other healthy drinks.

Eat spicy foods
Spicy foods are able to help cool down your body temperature because they cause you to sweat thereby cooling off your body. During hot summer days, it always helps to spice up your foods with spicy ingredients that would add both heat and flavor to your meals like Chili, Cayenne, Aleppo pepper and several others.

Store your skin care products in your refrigerator
You can turn your regular skin care products to cooling objects by storing them in your refrigerator. Your body cream, eye creams, perfumes and sunscreens can be stored in your refrigerator so that when you use them, they can cool down your body and help to regulate your body temperature.

Use cool compresses
You can use a cool cloth or some ice packs as a cool compress. Apply them on your wrists or other pulse points in your body to cool down your blood by creating an icy shock to your body. A good alternative is to soak your wrists in cold water for about thirty minutes to achieve the same results.

Wear lightweight clothing
Ensure that your wardrobe is stocked with very light clothing items. Avoid heavy or dark colored clothing as much as you can as they are good heat conductors. You can save those for winter.

Lastly, ensure that your air conditioning is in order as a good air-conditioning system can help to reduce chances of suffering from heat related illnesses.