The Cowboy’s Code of Money

For centuries, the cowboys have always had a set of codes that guide the way and manner they live their lives, treat people around them and even their animals.
These set of codes are known as the Cowboy Codes were not written but they were guidelines imprinted on the minds of every cowboy and not abiding by them could attract punishments. Some of these codes include:

  • Never steal another man’s horse or you have to pay with your life.
  • Look out for your own.
  • Do not ride another man’s horse. That’s like making love to another man’s wife.
  • Do not practice ingratitude.
  • A cowboy never quits or complains. A cowboy is always pleasant even when out of sorts.
  • A cowboy always helps someone in need, even if it is a stranger.
  • A cowboy never tries on another man’s hat.
  • A real cowboy is modest, bragging is not tolerated.
  • Honesty is absolute; your word is your bond.
  • A cowboy is always loyal to his friends and those he rides with.
  • A cowboy always pays his debts.

These codes may only relate to the cowboys and their horses but everyone has something to learn from these codes as well especially when it comes to money and financial issues.

From these codes we can see that cowboys practice:

Cowboys believe in honesty and integrity and most especially, not taking anything that doesn’t belong to them. A cowboy doesn’t believe in taking money through dishonest means or sharp practices but rather, through hard work and perseverance.

Like a true cowboy, don’t overprice your goods or services and don’t con other people out of their money. In all your financial dealings, be honest and trustworthy.

Cowboys are considerate of others. They care about how their actions may affect the lives of the people around them. Like a cowboy, don’t go about making your money in ways or from things that would bring degradation to your environment or cause harm or unhappiness to the people around you. Don’t be selfish or self-centered.

Hard work
Cowboys are some of the most hardworking people to have ever walked the surface of the earth and for their hard work; they have gained popularity and respect throughout the world.

Be like a cowboy; don’t expect your finances to change if you are not ready to work hard for it. Success comes from hard work and not from wishes.

No, a cowboy never quits. In fact, cowboys hate quitters. A cowboy would continue to pursue his goal or die while at it. That’s the kind of spirit that would get you where you want to be in no time. Don’t quit at the slightest financial challenge you get into instead, strive hard to get out of it so that you can enjoy better days ahead.

Pay debts
Bad credit record is not a nice thing to have; it messes up everything. Like the cowboy, pay off your debts and be credit worthy because you never know when you would need that big loan to finance that very viable project like a home.

Practice gratitude
Be grateful for the little you’ve got while you work harder to get more. Don’t compare yourself to others as there are others out there who do not even have half of what you’ve got.

Last and not least, you ought to be modest. Don’t spend your money on frivolities but on things that truly matter to you and would bring you happiness. Don’t spend your money to impress other people too and ensure that you save as much as you can for the rainy day.

Why I Chase Happiness and Not Success

Right from when we were just little boys and girls, most of us have had it imprinted on our minds that our primary goal in life is to be successful. Everything we were made to do was somehow connected to the need to be successful in life.

“Daddy, why do I need to go to school?”
“So, you can learn and become a successful young man in life” Dads would say.
“Mom, why do we need to go to church?”
“Because you need God’s help to be successful in life” Moms would say.

Everything was somehow linked to the need for success and no one seemed to give much thought about happiness.

But as I grew up, I came to learn and understand that happiness is the most important thing a man can have. If you’re successful and not happy, all of that success may amount to nothing at the end of the day. So I decided to stop chasing success but to start seeking happiness and here are some reasons why you should as well:

You can still be unhappy even if you have the whole world
Happiness is a state of mind and it’s possible to be happy if you’ve got nothing at all. The same way it is possible to be unhappy even if you have everything in the world.
From my experience, I have learned that keeping oneself happy and striving to make the people around us happy is much more fulfilling than chasing after success.

Happiness breeds satisfaction and motivation
When you’re happy, it’s easier to be satisfied and look forward to great things in the future. Happiness helps you avoid feelings of depression and failure and can even act as a motivational force to keep you going even when everything seems to not be working out well for you.

Successful people chase after happiness too
If success mattered more than happiness, then why do we have all these successful people still chasing after success and trying to buy it with their money? They go on vacations, go on expensive shopping sprees, pay for company and do all sorts of things to make themselves happy. That only goes to show that happiness is way more important than success.

Happiness helps you live longer
When you’ve finally found the things that make you happy and you stick to them, you would be able to avoid depression and all the diseases that come with it such as high blood pressure, mental diseases, obesity and several others.

Happiness is cheap and easy to attain
Happiness is easy to attain as long as you are able to discover the things that make you happy and you continue to do them, you would be happy for a very long time unlike success where you have to continue to reach for a new level all the time.

Now, I’m not saying chasing after success is bad. It’s actually very important to be successful in life as that would also bring happiness too. But in your pursuit of success, it’s always good to ensure that your happiness comes first.

When You’re Broke In Texas

Being broke in Texas is no fun. Not that being broke anywhere is, but I’ve been broke in Texas and I can tell you firsthand that it’s a crappy situation. However, I have since found out that being outdoorsy is one surefire way to cope with being broke in Texas.

For those who do not already know, being outdoorsy is a lifestyle that involves being passionate of outdoor activities or loving to live outdoors. Outdoorsy people enjoy activities like rock climbing, fishing, hiking, cycling, camping and other outdoor activities and as such, spend a lot of time outdoors. So how does being outdoorsy help your financial situation?

Less Television
Before I embraced the outdoorsy lifestyle, I used to spend an average of $80 to $100 per month on cable television. Not that it was outrageously expensive but being broke and all, television always made me depressed. The commercials reminded me of the things I loved but could not have and made me feel like a failure.

But when I started to spend more time outdoors, I found out that I was not only saving about a hundred bucks a month, I was also able to avoid all the depressing commercials.

Less Internet
Another way I was able to cut down on my expenses by embracing the outdoorsy lifestyle is by reducing my expenditure on internet subscriptions. In my pre-outdoorsy days, I used to have a standard monthly subscription that I pay for because I was always home but these days, I don’t have to pay for that because I’m always outdoors and if I really need the internet, I could just plug in to free Wi-Fi somewhere. That’s another $45 knocked off my monthly budget.

Cheap dates
I’ve also learnt to take my dates on fun outdoor trips rather than expensive restaurants. Contrary to what most guys think, ladies love things that are out of the ordinary. When you take your date to a restaurant, she’s already used to it. That date may not hold any memorable experience because she’s been there, done that.

However, taking her on camping or hiking trips, fishing, mountain climbing or any other outdoor activity could hold a lifetime memorable experience for her. But don’t be a jerk, make sure she’s in on it and would like to try that sort of thing before you drag her to the trails.

Low heating and air conditioning costs
My air conditioning bills have also taken a hit. I’m always outdoors anyway so what do I need expensive air conditioning bills for?

More happiness
Try being outdoorsy and you’ll see how happy you’ll become. It’s hard to explain except you try it yourself but being outdoors and engaging in outdoor activities is therapeutic. It refreshes your mind, body and soul and makes you feel happier and less depressed regardless of your financial situation.

More productivity
I’ve also found out that my head is clearer when I’m outdoors. I am able to think, strategize and plan better. Anytime I feel foggy and need to clear my head, I just take a hike and within minutes, I’m back in my elements.

In addition to these tips, another way being outdoorsy is going to help you save a lot money when you are broke is on your health bills. A physically active life reduces your chances of getting sick therefore, you are able to cut back on your hospital bills and other health related expenses.

Lastly, the world is my gym; I don’t need to pay huge sums to use a couple of equipments when I can get all the results I want and more just by being out there.