Is Facebook Any Good For Small Business?

Since Facebook launched it has always been synonymous with social networking and having a small business page allows you to use their 1.65 billion monthly user database to gather leads, lower your marketing expenses, and even help you to reach your targeted audience. However, when having a smaller company it’s easy to get pushed back by bigger companies who have premium adverts with more reach.

Large Company Post Promotions

Facebook’s reach generator was one of their newer forms of marketing for large companies. It allowed big corporations to purchase “reach” or ways to get in front of more fans with their status updates. Since Facebook has essentially admitted to rigging how the public eyes sees your ads, getting your work out there as a smaller business without a lot of capital is close to impossible. Facebook has since ended this program and replaced it with a promoted post option.

Getting a View into Your Audience

As a small business, building up a user base will allow you to get more details about your current customer lineup through Facebook’s statistical Insights page. This awesome page allows you to see: how many likes you have, the engagement from your active posts, the reach your post makes, and how to promote it even further! Digging around allows you gain an understanding about the demographics of your fans and helps you to focus in towards your target audience.

Ease of Building up Brand Loyalty

As with many other social media sites, staying active and entertaining on your business page will help you to build up brand loyalty. Customers like Facebook pages with advertisements that are short, informative, and most importantly fun. Continuing these types of advertisements on your page, being active, and responding to posts from your audience will help you build user’s trust for your brand. If you’re near or in a city like Los Angeles consider hiring a video production team to help create engaging content for your Facebook.

Image Rules against Business Pages

In order to integrate business, Facebook began putting in rules to get businesses to blend into social media. One rule in particular was banning promotional language on the cover image of your page. Creating high quality images for your page’s cover photos and profile pictures that still describe the emotional impact of your company may be a seen as an extravagance for smaller companies who cannot yet afford this type of marketing setup.

People Are Using Facebook Less

Compared to the other social media sites Facebook still remains the biggest social network in terms of monthly active users. However, we’re beginning to see a drop in figures as more people are browsing but not posting content. They are also reporting to spend less time on the site compared to other social media such as: Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. It will be interesting to see if these numbers continue to decline.


With the advantages and disadvantages that Facebook brings against smaller businesses it’s up to you to figure out if Facebook is the best marketing platform for your company. While it offers small businesses a lot of insights about their target audience, promoted posts from large companies often eat up the spotlight.