Hiking for a Debt Free Future

“Hiking is good for your health,” everyone says. But I reply to them saying “Hiking is not just good for my health, it’s good for my pocket too”

If you are working towards living a debt free life in the future just like me, then you should consider incorporating hiking into your lifestyle. Hiking contributes towards your living a debt free future because it;

Improves your health
Medical costs in the United States can be very high and even if you’ve got health insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses can still set you back several dollars every time you get sick. You would agree with me that constant illness and poor health is most of the time traced to living a life devoid of adequate physical activity and poor physical fitness.

Personally, I discovered that since I started hiking, my trips to the hospital have reduced and my monthly budget on medical expenses is most of the time useless. So what I do is to add the excess to my savings, which of course ends up in my investment account. More investments means a stable future for me.

Reduces your cost of socializing
Costs of socializing can be very high if happy hours for you mean hitting the club, expensive dinners or indulging in some other expensive hobbies. As for me, most of my friends are outdoorsy people just like me so we spend very little on socializing as nature provides almost everything we need to enjoy a good time out. I’m very certain that I save more than a hundred dollars every month which would have been spent on expensive socializing.

Better creativity
A great financial future devoid of debts comes from hard work and smart financial decisions. Hiking trips are always a good time for me to think, plan and strategize. I’ve discovered that I always come up with the best solution to challenges and the best plans when I’m taking a hike. Hiking helps me make better decisions and plans, which help improve my financial status and my credit status.

Less vehicle maintenance costs
I only use my vehicle when I have to go a long distance or on winter periods when it’s too cold and unsafe to hike often. This way, I’m able to save a lot on gas and vehicle maintenance. Less vehicle usage means less vehicle maintenance costs and low vehicle maintenance costs for me means more savings, less credit and a lot of excess money to invest.

You would be amazed at the caliber of people I have been able to meet and network with on my hiking trips. A lot of high net worth people and important personalities enjoy hiking and on my trips, I have been able to meet some of them, pitch ideas to them, market items to them and have some of them as friends.

I was once invited to a black tie event by a VIP I met on a hiking trip and in that event, I was lucky enough to be introduced to another VIP who amazingly had a business link I had been looking for for years. That single meeting increased my account balance and contributed to my strong financial future in no small way.