Just like every other Texan, I LOVE TEXAS. It’s such a great state, for more than just one reason. I grew up here and went to college out here, but after college I moved out east to see what else this country had to offer. Thing’s were going well for me, but there’s no place like home. Specially when home is a place like Texas, there’s nothing else like it. After a few years of living around the east coast I decided to stop denying my love for home, so I moved back! This blog will show you a number of reasons why I love home, but here are a few pointers just to give you an idea.


Business is amazing in this state. We have some of the top upcoming small businesses being started here. It’s becoming this community of thriving startups, the support is almost overwhelming! Financially for businesses and personal wise, Texas is CHEAP. I remember trying to buy a how out east and just stressing about how I was going to make it happen. Then when I got back home I realized how great the housing economy is out here. The state itself is very supportive of small business as well.


Active people will adore Texas as well. I wasn’t a jock in high school, but college was a little different for me. When you live in Texas, you’ll most likely will get into some sport whether you’re participating on the field or in the crowd. You also have thriving artist communities, specially in Austin. With all there creative and active people, you gotta wonder why the state is full of them.. Well there is just so much to offer here!